E-Commerce Stores in India

The state of ecommerce shopping in India is pathetic. Today I tried shopping @ Tradus E-Shop after getting a special discount voucher from them. It took me 15 minutes to get pass their cranky registration process. I hated the design, validation process and IA of the website. I cussed and cursed throughout the ordeal.

When i was done registering I couldn’t find anything interesting to buy. They had no sewing machine, no magazine worth subscribing to, nothing which was below the market prize and wasn’t available easily outside my house.

The Catch of the day was the Reebok Bag and I added it to basket to try it on. But they don’t have a shopping cart to review items. Anyhow, as I tried to purchase the item I reached a page which said the voucher cannot be used to buy this product. Now I made sure the voucher in hand said – Valid for 7 Days on a minimum purchase of Rs 595 – and I was meeting all the criteria to purchase the Reebok Laptop bag worth INR 999. But then I realized its Ibobo and any further effort is futile and gave it up.

Common Guys – get inspired from USB Geek, Buy.com etc. I understand its difficult to serve entire country like India with no proper pin codes, and delivery mechanism in remote areas and transportation services with crampy roads and cheat excise officers. But that’s not a reason to give up.

Launch some niche stores, like a discounted AC E-Store or just serve limited markets like Delhi, focus on products and concepts rather than start something half defunct and useless for entire country offering nothing new. Get original, hear what people need and provide them that.

My Review for Ibobo Tradus is 0 for Concept, 0 for Execution, 0 for Experence.

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