Flats in Gurgaon Under Rs 35 Lacs

Check out some of the hotttest Flats from reputed builders available in Gurgaon

Now, on paper when we compair the options available if price is the concern Tulip Residency seems like the best options to us. They are also not charging any club and parking charges bring the cost of ownership down to bare minimal.

GPL Builders have their flats under construction. This being thier first their project one can hope they won’t screw it up. But one can never be sure with these new developers.

Ninex Corona is also a cheap option but they are towards the pataudi road.The area in question is not as hot as other in question.

People are buying Unitech Properties like hot cakes. Insiders say these projects are going to be delayed and money is being diverted by Unitech to other projects. Uniworld Garden II was a sellout. Sunbreeze is almost sold out. Reason, Unitech finances are in shape and in turbulant times people prefer depositing money with Builders they trust down go down the drain.

Emmar Emerald Hills near Ghata village is being constructed on proposed Metro Route, but is in a far flung area. It also is very far from NH-8 and Delhi. Its more near to Faridabad. But needs to live close to Faridabad? Anyhow the rates they have come up with are very costly considering 75000 RS for club membership and 250000 for parking bay. They are several notch costlier then the competition.

Group Project Sector Region Status Specs Size Price PPSF EDC
Gross Price Parking Club I.F.M.S. Final Price Effective
Unitech Residency 33 Hero Honda Pre Launch 2BR+2T 1095 3608025 3295 0 3608025 190000 50000 55000 3903025 3564
Unitech Sunbreeze 69 Sohna Road Pre Launch 2BR+2T 968 2578752 2664 331 2899160 190000 40000 48400 3177560 3282
Unitech Sunbreeze 69 Sohna Road Pre Launch 3BR+3TR+1ST 1303 3471192 2664 331 3902485 190000 40000 65150 4197635 3221
Unitech Uniworld II 47 Sohna Road Pre Launch 2BR+2T 973 2914135 2995 0 2914135 190000 40000 48560 3192695 3281
Tulip Residency 69 Sohna Road Pre Launch 3BR+2TR 1137 2501400 2200 275 2814075 0 0 0 2814075 2475
Emmar Emrald Hills 65 Golf Course Ext. Pre Launch 2BR+2T 990 3170000 3202 270 3437280 250000 75000 49500 3811780 3850
Ninex Corona 37 Hero Honda Pre Launch 2BR+2T 1051 1891800 1800 335 2243885 100000 50000 100 2393985 2277
GPL MINT 70 Sohna Road Construction 2BR+2T+1ST 1050 2677500 2550 185 2871750 100000 50000 52500 3074250 2927

I personally have an appartment in Unitech Uniworld II. I have bought it for investment purpose.

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