Piracy is bad, but original is despicable

Being a Movie Buff I am, I try and goto a movie theater to catch the latest movie. I realize how bad is the experience of watching movies on Pirated CD’s on laptop is.

But movie watching at Box Office isn’t fun either, with some local idiot howling and clapping over every rape, whistling after every scene, perfecting his dialogue delivery, shaking his pelvis and dancing in front of everyone during every song. Yes thats the experience we get in so called upmarket multiplexes of Gurgaon even after shelling out indecent amount of money.

The original DVD’s are no good either. This is an average experience of Pirated vs Original DVD.

Pirated DVD vs Original DVD

Vendors should realize that all the warnings, ads and DRM related messages is not helping their cause either.
Why don’t these electronics companies need a 500 button remote in God’s name. Ask any average Joe; no would have used more then 8 buttons on a remote in 3 generations?
Why does a Blue-ray device needs to be so complex that it needs to be installed by a specialist?
I don’t like to get felt all over with the big burly ticket checker putting his fingers in the pocket of my knickers!

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