Google Plus gets the big thumbs up

Google Plus is the third attempt of folks at Mountain View to be socially relevant & take on the blue juggernaut names Facebook. While they failed with Wave & blundered with Buzz I can safely say – Google+ going to make it this time. Why do I think so? I am not a Social expert but I’ll give my I’ll give my opinion based on my understanding.

Why do I need Twitter AND Facebook?

One of the main reasons I use Facebook is to interact with friends. I like to keep people whom I know personally or have met at certain point. I also like to maintain my photo album & videos on Facebook. Mainly I don’t bring my professional life or politics or religious beliefs on Facebook.

Why do I use twitter? Primarily for “professional” discussions. Mostly I do on Twitter is do Internet Marketing discussions with people I don’t know personally but have come across them through a blog or social medium. Most of these people are from Internet Marketing background, as well as things related to my area of interests. These include discussions on specific areas, providing opinions on technologies, and at times heated religion and political discussions. I bond with lots of people on Twitter. Some of them I like & some I hate. I try to keep my personal relationships out of my twitter account.
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